A New Year, Blog and Thoughts

The new year started and I have been missing writing. I used to have a blog for my Finnish language posts and also English version blog. On the last autumn, before I got a full-time web developer job at Geniem Oy, I did this site for the freelancing. But I was really lucky to get a job so soon and freelancing page became useless.

I started to think about what to do for my three domains and decided to build a whole new blog from the scratch. Before the project is finished, I use this freelancing page as the base of my blog and I document my coding journey regularly…or at least I try to do it.

Coding related plans for the year 2020 are:

  • Build a new blog site from the scratch and document it
  • Finish & publish my husband eRacing web site
  • Blogging regularly
  • Finish the Intoduction to Web Accessibility course
  • Finish Advanced CSS and Sass course
  • Try to find my place in tech area
  • Share the tech knowledge I am learning in daily basis
  • Find a way to support women in tech

My post is short this time, the main thing is that I was finally able to publish a blog post!

If you are interested to write a quest post to my blog, please contact me! I would like to hear:

  • How is it going at work
  • How you are able to combine work and family life
  • What is it like to be web developer
  • Career change from X to the tech
  • Why you like coding
  • Why you are studying coding
  • Why you want to be developer
  • Or what ever what comes to mind in tech & family life.


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